We have arrived!

“Coming to Higher Ground is about arriving fully in the moment and living a new story that embodies our purpose for being here. This new story is about boldly honoring our hearts and the sanctity of life as we recognize our oneness and compassion for ourselves and each other.”      

As Sissy in Color Purple sang, “I am Beautiful, I am Here!” – We too have arrived at this moment in time with our missteps, successes, disappointments and dreams. And we are HERE! We have survived it all and we have arrived!

We can claim the gifts that have formed us as a result of our years, especially those lessons that brought us the hard-won experience and wisdom we now own. As we live and age these are gifts that we never dreamed of or knew were even possible when we were younger and now we can share them.

At whatever age we are now, we have the power of choice to come to Higher Ground and awaken to our life story with acceptance, honor and compassion for who we are and how we got here. That story is the one that began long before we were born and will continue to unfold with greater or lesser degrees of personal power as we take advantage of the opportunities to sing our unique song. We can boldly sing our song now and break away from the limiting story that has crept its way into our world.

The old story has been about individual gain at the cost of our values, connection and our wholeness. It’s been about separation, divisiveness and has taken us out of the range of common decency and has created ecological catastrophe, alienating us from the earth and from our authentic truth and the good of all.

It is time now, to move past the old story and come to Higher Ground. We’ve been looking in the mirror for the reflection of the design of our destiny all our lives. The potency of this destiny is the underlying revelation we have been waiting for, and it is here, in each of our hearts. Our unrepeatable self, sharing in full capacity our original abilities and talents, and living our freedom. It is time to create the new story and sing the song that is uniquely ours to sing. We have arrived!

Sedena Cappannelli

Co-Founder, Higher Ground Institute