About Higher Ground Institute

“You never change things
by fighting existing reality.
To change something,
build a new model
that makes the existing
model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller

These are clearly complex and challenging times.   Many of our most valued practices and core values appear to be under assault.   Traditional government and institutional forms and structures appear to be shifting beneath our feet and as a result the majority of us are experiencing a time of great instability and ambiguity.

Indeed, the question many of us trying to determine is where the world is heading, what all of this means to us as individuals and as a collective and what we can do to maintain our individual balance, make some sense out of the seeming turmoil and find a course going forward that will allow us to live lives – authentic, original, meaningful live – the lives that somewhere in our hearts we know we were born to live.

This is the reason we have created Higher Ground.  It is a path, a series of programs, a curriculum of, about and for life.  Higher Ground will allow us explore to stay aligned with our truth, not with a transient version of someone else’s truth, but that deeper, more sustainable truth, one that will never be found outside of us in the turmoil and confusion of this or any other time.

Nor can it be found in the pages of our traditional print media nor by sifting through the onslaught of the digital media that this age produces.  And it certainly will not be found in listening to the so-called pundits or experts who spend their time defending or attempting to interpret all of the Chimera in this landscape of illusion.

This is not to say, that we should not be attentive to the events that are occurring 
around us, that we should not be vigilant regarding attempts to abrogate the rights and privileges afforded us as members of this democratic society.

What we are not suggesting some kind of spiritual bypass that avoid our being involved in understanding the critical challenges in our time or in participating in uncovering essential and necessary solutions.  Instead we are suggesting that we can best accomplish these tasks and safeguard our interests by avoiding being seduced by the seeming insanity of this time of great transition and by running here and there chasing our proverbial tails.  Instead we can act, but we would be wise to act from a place of balance.  We can act, but by staying connected to the wisdom that is timeless and true, the wisdom that endures no matter what the political climate of this or any other day may be.  No matter what philosophical or political belief system may be in favor.

This ageless, eternal truth is what we would be wise to navigate by if we are to make this passage.  And it is the truth that resides within each of us.  This is what Higher Ground has been created to support us in remembering and practicing.