Breakdown or Breakthrough…What Will You Choose?

By George and Sedena Cappannelli

We are in a time of extremes. A time in which unprecedented social, political, cultural, economic, technological, and environmental changes are impacting all of us who are passengers on this train called Humanity. And these changes are calling forward confusions and conflicts in the chambers of government, in the boardrooms of our institutions and corporations, on the streets of a number of the world’s cities, in many of our homes and in many of our hearts. Indeed, this time of extremes has us all of us in its grip!

Consider another startling fact – our governments, many of our institutions, and businesses and the vast majority of us as are significantly unprepared to address many of these unprecedented challenges and, of special importance, to capitalize on the unprecedented opportunities that are present and that lie ahead.

This is why we title this piece – Breakdown or Breakthrough. Because from our perspective, depending on how we address the factors identified above they can either prove to be a recipe for disaster or fertile ground for a historic advance.

This is one of the reasons we are part of this initiative called Higher Ground. We believe that even with all of the confusion and conflict going on in the world there is some very good news. Perhaps most important, the old story, the one built on consumption, accumulation, aggression, division and competition is clearly falling apart and new and more constructive stories are being born.

So no matter how old or young you are, you have the opportunity, the talent, and above all, the need to help give birth to these new stories. And one of the ways you can do this is by revisiting and redefine the values and priorities that can lead you to a higher level of consciousness. And a higher level of consciousness, after all, is a key to a more rewarding and meaningful life.

What else can you do? Begin by periodically assessing who you are, what you believe and what you are prepared to do. Second, identify the things that may be limiting you – unhealed wounds, incompletes, a lack of perseverance, and an insufficient expression of gratitude and forgiveness – toward others and ourselves. Third, commit to learning and doing the vital work of healing, completing and expressing these things so that you can regain your balance, resilience and vitality and contribute to turning the ship of state onto course that promises greater well-being, environmental sustain¬ability, social responsibility, and economic stability for ourselves and those who come after us.

So if you are an interested in living more consciously and aging wisely; if you want to live the life you were born to live and manifest the dreams you came into this life to manifest, then you are, as they say, on the right page at the right time. If you are older and want to use the time you have remaining to do things that are more meaningful and that give you a greater sense of purpose; if you are younger and want to better prepare for your own road ahead and better understand the road your parents, older friends, and relatives are now on — then you have also come to the right place

Remember your life is a precious gift and if you are wise you will harvest the fruits of your past and turn them into gold you can invest in the present and future. Also remember that when you come to the end of your life what will matter most to you is not what you own or even what you’ve done, but that you have done your best to use your skills, heart, and resources to support a life of genuine value that contributes to the common good. In short, that you have learned to be better at being human.

So keep close this understanding that there is always room for more learning and improvement and if you are willing to do some things — both large and small — to express your love for yourself, for those you interact with and for the larger community, then the path to higher consciousness will always be your best choice.

And while no one can promise you that this path will always be easy. staying on it will help you remember how remarkable you are, what extraordinary things you are capable of expressing and what a precious gift your life is.

“We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims.”


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