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Now is the most important time of your life.

No matter what your age or challenges, your genius and viewpoint is essential!

The future needs your influence – your wisdom, honor, and love.

Your most sacred, creative, and impactful work still lies ahead of you. ​​​​​​​

Come, be in community and learn from world leading authors and teachers and like-minded beings.

If you’re looking for the keys to rejuvenation,  longevity and legacy...

Whether you're looking for leaving a lasting legacy for future generations, or living your purpose and creating your joy... will learn key insights from world leading authors and wisdom keepers in the Ageless Wisdom video library.

Reconnect with your vitality, innate joy, passion, and wonder.

Let us celebrate and encourage each other so that we can all keep faith with the promise of living the unique and authentic lives we were born to live – lives as Buckminster Fuller encouraged us in which we become “the architects of the future, not its victims.”

These Empowering Presentations were recorded live at the Qigong and Conscious Aging Conference in New Mexico

During these presentations an impressive gathering of world-renowned experts will show you the way to living each day with deep wisdom through effective practices — from ancient teachings to leading-edge science, now available at your fingertips in the Ageless Wisdom video library.

The Ageless Wisdom Video Library Includes:

  • 13 Hours of Inspiring Talks By Best-Selling Authors & Wisdom Keepers
  • Four Hours of Wisdom Healing Qigong Practice with Master Mingtong Gu
  • A Special Saturday Evening Concert With Grammy Award Winner Robert Mirabal and Consuelo Luz, Michael Kott and Tess Yong
  • Plus 3 Inspiring and Informative Bonus Webinars with George and Sedena Cappannelli and Mingtong Gu
  • An Interview with Grandmother Flordemayo
  • A 30 Minute Key Note of Conscious Aging with George & Sedena
  • A Twenty Minute Qigong Practice Session with Mingtong, George & Sedena

Sacred Activism
Andrew Harvey

Science Meets Spirit
Joan Borysenko

Empathy and Intuition
Dr. Judith Orloff

Rev. Brendalyn Bachelor

The Sustainable Human
Nathan Crane

Bonus Webinar 1
Qigong and Conscious Aging

Bonus Webinar 3
Conscious Living and Dying

Special Musical Performances
Michael Kott, Consuelo Luz, Tess Yong

Special Bonus Keynote Presentation
George and Sedena Cappannelli

Conscious Aging
Father Richard Rohr

The Best is Yet to Be
George and Sedena Cappannelli

Living Juicy
Rhea Goodman

Healing Prayer
Lama Gyurme Rabgye

Near Death Experiences
Gregory Shushan

Bonus Webinar 2
Passion and Purpose

Bonus Interview
Grandmother Flordemayo

Special Musical Performances
Sita Jamieson

Special Musical Performance
Grammy Award Winner Robert Mirabal


Here's What People Are Saying:

Amazing!  I knew it would be a good conference, but I didn't expect to experience the quality and depth of content that i have.  And what was really remarkable was how naturally aligned all of the speaker seemed to be.  Different subjects, different styles, but each one naturally into the next and complimented what the others had said.

- Marsha, Denver

Andrew Harvey just knocked my socks off.  What power.  What passion.  What truth

- Paul, Santa Fe

I came to listen to Fr. Richard Rohr.  I'd heard wonderful things about him.  And I now can say they are true.  Host, clear unpretentious, and very wise.  Boy and i glad I came

- Lisa, Teseque

Mingtong's sessions were remarkable.  I'd been to one program he did here a few years ago when he was visiting Santa Fe, but this time was different.  Very deep stuff.

- Roger, Taos

What a gift.  The world seems to be going crazy, but it's like an island of love and peace here.  Everyone, the speakers, the volunteers, the participants, what wonderful people.  And the place, the land, great setting.  Thank you...thank  you!

- Sally, Santa Fe

Great Job!  Wonderful speakers, great setting, outstanding musicians, friendly staff, and good food.  Who could ask for anything more!

- James, Albequerque

Receive Lifetime Access to this Entire Collection of Wisdom Teachings Today

Retail Value = $299

Order Today for Only $77
$222 Savings!!

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